A PS2 Icon parsing library or client
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yellows111 f05ad6fac4 Soft client interpolation update, minor security update.
Interpolation between two frames of animation is now implemented,
and can be controlled with the PERIOD and COMMA keys.

Automatic playing of interpolated frames is not yet complete.

All objects which can output arbitrary text has their prototype set to null.

Some other objects have also been set to null prototypes,
which are t64le and the yellowDataReader constructor output.

Still yet to parse actual animation data...
Probably need to know how to make requestAnimationFrame loops practical...

Authors Comment: This filled my evening from doing nothing.
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icondumper2 (working title)

A JavaScript library (sorta) to read PS2 icons, and their related formats.

What is a "PS2 icon"?

A set of vertices with may or may not include a texture while defining colours for those vertices.


Current implementations had some issues with rendering some icons. These were mostly:

  • Not rendering any color for texture types 0-3.
  • Failing to decompress some specific RLE-compressed icons. (types with bit 4 enabled)
  • Requires writing/reading a specific format for successful output of data.
  • Incorrect analysis of texture types leading to assuming texture type 1 isn't the same group as texture type 3.
  • Further incorrect analysis revealing it's that the texture type is a bitmask.

As of writing, there was no exporter that exists for the format that exhibited one of these problems.

icondumper2 is the result of me trying to avoid these problems.

What it supports:

  • EMS Memory Adapter export files (.psu)
  • PS3 virtual memory card export files (.psv)
  • SharkPort export files (.sps)
  • X-Port export files (.xps)
  • CodeBreaker Save export files (.cbs)
  • Max Drive "PowerSave"/export files (.max)
  • PS2 icons (.ico, .icn)
  • PS2D format (icon.sys)

What can it do:

  • Allow any file in a supported virtual filesystem (such as those from export files) to be read.
  • Warn of invalid icon.sys display names.
  • Export the icon model, with all seperate shapes included as a JavaScript Object.
  • CommonJS (that includes node!) module exporting while still being compatible with other JavaScript implementations.
  • Convert a 128x128x16 BGR5A1 bitmap to a standard RGB5A1 format.
  • Convert an icon or a set of icons to glTF 2, with textures saved as PNG.
  • Decompress any LZARI-formatted data.

What it doesn't do:

  • Create, manipulate or otherwise taint save files.
  • Modify any original input files.
  • Use any implementation-specific features.

Client compatibility:

The library currently requires use of const, let and class declarations, template literals, and destructuring assignment for variables.

Any JavaScript implementation should work if they support all of the required features.

Tested clients:

  • Chrome (or Blink-based browser) 49 (or higher) - HTML reference client
  • Firefox (or Gecko-based browser) 45 (or higher) - HTML reference client
  • Node.js 13 (or higher) - Example client and glTF 2 exporter.

Why "icondumper2"?

Because it replaced what was left of icondumper (1).

Included files:

File Description
icon.js The library itself.
index.js Node.js example client.
gltf-exporter.js Node.js client to export icons to glTF 2.
index.htm HTML reference client.
lzari.js A LZARI decompression-only library.
tests/iconwriter.js Node.js. Creates icons with texture types 0-31.

Included example files:

Directory Description Formats
/example_001 A tetrahedron with all 3 base colors set. PSU, SPS